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Hear the Difference Our Steel Makes

Aug 1st


Author By Carl Taylor
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Hear the Difference Our Steel Makes

Shooting on steel targets is one of the most exciting things you can do on a range! The satisfaction of hearing the “Salute” or “Ring” of the target as well as watching the target move is addicting.

Our steel targets provide immediate feedback to the shooter through both an audible sound of the bullet hitting our steel, and visual movement of the target itself. Our proprietary target mounts allow our targets to a range of motion when struck by a projectile. In essence, with small calibers on days with weather and mirage the shooter will be able to see an impact on target. Our targets are simply not mounted to the target stands rigidly. In effect, when struck they are “in motion” and allow the shooter to see impact.

Our steel targets have a very loud and distinctive “ring” to them because of our mounting system. Watch our commercial and hear for yourself the difference.


In-Motion Steel Target features:

  • Made from 3/8″ AR-500 steel
  • Proprietary mounting system providing superior audible and visual response upon impact
  • A wide variety of plate shapes and configurations to meet your training needs

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