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In Motion Targets

The Standard in Moving Target Systems

Engaging stationary targets is essential when obtaining accurate long range shooting data but the world we must live in is…In Motion. Whether you’re a prepared citizen, a passionate hunter, serving in law enforcement or the military your target is constantly moving…and so is ours. Get prepared using In Motion Targets.

We offer an affordable moving target system to complete your real world training. Since your targets are moving shouldn’t your training targets be In Motion too?

Follow Our Lead

There are other products on the market with a similar purpose as ours. To move. What makes our targets superior is that they do not require a level concrete pad with the target system securely fastened to it, which allows our system to be easily portable and set up in 20-30 minutes. In fact, our system requires only a relatively flat surface and can negotiate inclines and declines without losing the target’s ability to move smoothly (simulating a target made of flesh) while negotiating un-even terrain.

Unlike other moving products currently on the market that claim to negotiate un-even terrain, our product allows the target to move smoothly without the rigged, jerky motion seen in these other products. Shooting at faulty moving targets is not only a waste of time and money for the shooter but more importantly, it effects the shooter’s all important confidence in their ability to accurately and successfully engage moving targets. With In Motion Targets you can focus on improving your marksmanship and build your confidence so you will never miss an In Motion Target again.